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Obisidian/Paradox uusi isometrinen crpg, joka perustuu seuraavanlaiseen konseptiin:
Mitä jos paha voitti ?

Tässä lyhyt tuotekuvaus englanniksi, sekä traileri :
Sometimes, evil wins

You are a Fatebinder

You are the judge and executioner of Kyros’ law, acting under the watchful eye of the Overlords Archon of Justice, Tunon the Adjudicator. Your words shape the lives of thousands. Will you use that power to bring justice and inspire loyalty? Or will you bring fear and cruelty to the beaten people of the Tiers?

In Tyranny, the grand war between good and evil is over – and the forces of evil, led by Kyros the Overlord, have won. The Overlord’s merciless armies dominate the face of the world, and its denizens must find their new roles within the war-torn realm. Players interact with the population of the populace to inspire loyalty, disgust, or fear as they roam the world as an officer in Kyros’ forces, empowered to act as both judge and executioner.


A branching narrative with a unique story in an original setting: The Battle between good and evil has already taken place, and evil stands victorious.
Choices matter - a different player experience every time you play it - As an Officer in the Overlord’s army you wield a vast amount of power in the occupied lands of the Tiers. Will you use that power to inspire stability and loyalty, or will you be a feared oppressor?
Challenging, classic RPG combat with modern mechanics and presentation
A rich original setting - a completely new and original fantasy world with rich lore and many paths to follow

Kiva, että jo kerran konkurssin partaalla ollut Obsidian pääsee työstämään uutta tietokoneille suunnattua roolipeliä ilman kickstarteria.

Tyrannyn on määrä ilmestyä 2016.
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